10.0mm AAA Tahitian Round Pearl Necklace

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This one-of-a-kind necklace is composed of round, AA+/AAA quality Tahitian pearls measuring 11.0-13.0 mm in diameter and approximately 17 inches in length including the clasp.

The strand is a dark colorful multicolor, featuring hues of peacock, silver, green, cherry, dark silver, olive, and silver blue.

These pearls have high luster, exhibit some natural markings, and are arranged to complement the individual beauty of each pearl.

Your strand will arrive double-knotted on color-matching silk. The knots protect your pearls from rubbing against each other, and if your necklace ever breaks, you won't lose a single pearl. 

For decades our buying team has been making regular trips to French Polynesia to source these incredibly colorful pearls. Because we personally import every Tahitian pearl we offer, we can guarantee they are 100% natural color and have never been treated in any way.

We individually photograph each Tahitian strand. The strand you see is the one you will receive. If you would like more photos in different lighting, or to view this strand in a personal virtual appointment with one of our pearl experts, please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.